About Us

Nosrat Logistic International Forwarding and Transportation Co. LTD

International Transportation Company Nosrat Logistic it was founded on 1998 , with the registration number 144777 and its activities has been start expanding its regional presence in the Islamic Republic of Iran, and transit to Turkey, Iraq and Azerbaijan countries. Our experienced staff a professional team that is skilled of forwarders who know their business, as well as of experienced logisticians who are able to maintain full communication and coordination to ensure smooth functioning of the team, the purpose of which – the high level of quality of service, and a considerable number of container carrying trucks, fuel tankers with suitable standard global camping and flatbed trailers, appropriate and regular trucking, rail and marine services with the international state of the art transport methods and more importantly competitive prices for carrying and forwarding, all has practically led this company to be positioned among international successful transport companies. Our organizational mission is to promote the speed and quality in performing services.Thus, this company is committed to raise continuous productivity in the service quality offered using improvement process of administrative and financial technical structures, endeavored to increase competitive power applying moral principle as a pattern and regarding professional behavior order.Company personnel believe that honesty, courtesy, politeness, respect and tribute along with intimate and friendly behavior and responsibility, punctuality, keeping classified information and secrets in order to offer ideal and improved services are all considered as the solid support of customers trust to the company. And hence it assumes essential to endeavor to be equipped by these features due to having high spiritual and material goals.


We tirelessly troubleshoot to eliminate choke points, prevent stock depletion, streamline unnecessary redundancies, and make delays a thing of the past.


Our mission is to design, build and implement innovative, profitable and sustainable products and services that help our customers meet consumer and industrial demands globally and irrespective of fulfillment channels.


Nosrat Logistics seeks to be a premier, profitable provider of global supply-chain services to help enable sustainable trade and commerce in key markets and regions. We will accomplish this by investing in our people, our facilities and in technology. We will continue to build and nurture a culture promoting challenge, inquiry and a continual focus on the customer.

Human Resource

Nosrat Logistic as an international transportation company LTD owes its success to how it is managed and the performance of personnel and all those working in this organization knowing all these people have played a major role in the success of the company. In this respect, this company has taken long steps through cooperation and collaboration with members, applying various talents and through suitable behaviors and approaches providing high working successes.The management has provided the personnel and members with a very pleasant and welcome atmosphere in which their working forces feel a deep responsibility in doing their duties in the best way in order to achieve the customers’ satisfaction.

We respect the personnel rights and personality. We try to become a leading transportation organization making an effort to create a productive and active working environment via employing skilled and experienced talents and human resources. In this respect, we employ our managers and personnel ideas and proposals so as to improve the company performance. The management generally has created a safe and pleasant environment for their members in order to boost their desires to the future. More over this company has taken influential steps to respect persons. We pay a specific attention to regard basic principles and important criteria to preserve environment in doing our international transport activities.

Boosting the expectations of customers toward their activities and preventing from making financial damages to them through complete understanding of commodity owners can guarantee our customers success in the best way. Based on the cooperation arranged in this field, we have predicted considerable researches for our customers so that they can take advantage from our activities. Consequently, we ask our contractures and contractors with their customers to consider fundamental criteria in the framework of rules and regulations.

Nosrat Logistic as an international transportation company LTD offers below services toward economic promotion and thrive:

  • land transportation services
  • Marine & ocean freight services
  • Customs clearance services
  • Traffic and heavy cargo shipment services
  • Petroleum product shipment services
  • Project shipment forwarding services
  • Rail freight shipment & forwarding services