Sea (Marine) services

Nosrat Logistic as an international transportation company L.T.D makes use of potentials and services available in trading with other countries present in this group in order to achieve customers trust in domestic and international missions and is ready to offer service to customers and commodity owners throughout the world using mutual cooperation privileges with other various transportation companies through offering appropriate and competitive prices.Commodity marine shipping directly from distant places of the world especially Europe to all Iranian ports and returns

Nosrat Logistic as an international transportation company L.T.D is capable of commodity marine transportation directly from majority ports of the world to Iran. In directly sea transportation, Commodity is shipped to the destination port without changing the vessel or container. In direct sea shipping, shipping charges are very low, economic and shipping time is shorter. This company has enough bright experience in direct and expert commodity sea shipping from all Asian ports such as all Chinese, Taiwanese ports and also all European ports through offering specific services and competitive prices.

The sea shipping we are experienced and familiar with:
Cross Stuffing sea shipping: Nosrat Logistic as an international transportation company L.T.D is capable of commodity sea shipping from those ports not provided for directly forwarding commodity to Iran but by cross stuffing method in which the container containing cargo is transferred from one vessel to another vessel usually in Jebel Ali port. This company is also competent in cross stuffing sea shipping for those customers tend to re-issue the requested and respective B/L.

Commodity sea shipping in Transshipment method: this company is also capable of commodity sea shipping is transshipment method which is through vessel change for ports from which not able to direct sea shipment of commodities. The course of transfer is often via re-unloading and reloading commodity.

Sea shipment of commodity in Chartering Method: this company has considered some measures for sea shipping commodities in large volumes and loading entered into the vessel without any packages such as flour, wheat, cotton and etc. and capable of commodity sea shipment through vessel rental, reserving or vessel chartering.

Commodity sea shipment via groupage or project method: having extensive facilities in the field of sea shipping, this company can offer safe and specific services for commodity sea shipment and also import and export cargo sea shipment in project and groupage method. It is also able to sea shipment of commodities including dried, liquid and etc. in various weights and volumes as groupage from Iran to other places of the world and return.

Bulk sea shipping: Nosrat Logistic as an international transportation company L.T.D is competent for commodity sea shipment in bulk. These are commodities loaded into vessel without any packaging such as flour, sugar, cotton, cereals, ironstone, cement, mineral salts, phosphate, coke and etc.
Commodity sea shipment via refrigerated containers: this company shall offer refrigerating services for spoilable commodities including fish, shrimp and etc in the sea.Reissuing marine B/L: this company is able for indirect commodity sea shipping in which the requested B/L will be issued for customers